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Eastern Cape to Give Boost to SA Economy
Nelson Mandela Bay - Home to the water sports capital of South Africa

With the addition of the newly constructed Port of Ngqura, located in the Coega region outside Port Elizabeth, the Eastern Cape looks ready to accept the challenge of becoming the center of South Africa's maritime economy.

The Port of Ngqura is the third deep water harbor development in the Eastern Cape and together with the existing Port Elizabeth and East London harbor ports; it is projected that together they will become a major source of employment and financial activity in the region over the next few years. It is estimated that an additional 20 Billion Rand will be generated from the Eastern Cape over the next 4 years, which will significantly boost the country's total Gross Domestic Product.

Today, the Port of Ngqura is one of the fastest growing ports in Southern Africa and the world and this is why the South African government is teaming up with a South Korean shipping company, to provide much needed services to the increasing international sea traffic, passing the Eastern Cape each year.

One of the latest proposed features of the Port of Ngqura will be the development of numerous Aqua Farms. If this project is approved, an estimated 5000 new jobs will be created by introducing farming of various fish, squid, shrimp, oysters and other types of marine life.

Just as the Eastern Cape has become known as the capital of the automotive industry in South Africa, it is once again setting itself up for success in the shipping and maritime industry. Due to the current worldwide increase demand for ship building and shipping repairs, this brings an incredible prospect for the Eastern Cape to take advantage of and contribute to the country's Gross Domestic Product, since it lies along one of the world's major shipping and trade routes between the east and the west.

The Nelson Mandela Bay and East London regions are no strangers to maritime activities. In fact, Port Elizabeth has long been regarded as the water sports capital of South Africa and its close by neighboring town, Jeffery's Bay has been famously hailed as one of the greatest surfing mecca's of the world! There is always something happening, whether it's the annual Iron Man Triathlon event held in April each year, the Jeffery's Bay World Surf Competition, scuba diving off the Cape Recife rugged coastline, or participating in the many windsurfing events - there is always something to look forward to.

In addition to this, both Port Elizabeth and Gonubie in East London are home to some of the safest and best known blue flag beaches in Southern Africa. But the Eastern Cape has a lot more to offer than just water sports - it is also home to the Addo Elephant National Park and some world renowned five star game reserves, offering visitors and tourist's fantastic game rides and incredible opportunities to view and experience the country's Big Five!

In the East London region, some major events to look forward to include the Gonubie Coastal Challenge, a 22km half marathon event that takes place in November each year and also the Discovery Surfer's Challenge - a challenging 18km cross country swim and race, from Gonubie to Nahoon Beach. Other major events in the area include the Grahamstown National Arts Festival held in July each year, which bring together some of the country's best performing artists and performers and the 100 mile Addo Elephant Trail Run, which is held in March every year, offers participants some of the most beautiful and scenic surroundings, winding through a true African landscape and wilderness!

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