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How Will 5G Affect Residential Real Estate?
Shocking discovery of cellular tower camouflaged as a palm tree

5G is the next big step in the internet and mobile industry and is currently being tested by mobile and telecommunication companies across the world. Soon enough, your 4G LTE network will be upgraded to 5G. While all this may seem exciting, there are currently some major disadvantages, which could have long term affects far worse than 4G ever did.

One obvious difference between 4G and 5G will be the vast difference in speed. In 2011, when 4G was first introduced to the public, it was seen as a major technological advancement from its 3G counterpart, offering download speeds up to 10 times faster than typical 3G networks. Similarly 5G will itself be a major step up from 4G and 4G LTE networks and is expected to make record download speeds of up to 1 Gigabyte per second! To put that into perspective, it means that a typical 2 hour movie could be streamed to your laptop or television in just a few seconds, which is mind blowing to say the least!

Another advantage of the 5G network will be that latency (how long it takes to transmit data) will become a thing of the past. It will also be able to handle more multiple connections to devices than the typical 4G network. All this will be a milestone for internet and mobile technology, which will see peoples everyday lives changed forever. The speed at which data will be transferred will allow new technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IOT) to become more of a reality in our homes and everyday lives.

The Internet of things (IOT) will typically see more installations of 24 hour surveillance cameras, automatic lights and electronic door locks in homes, apartments and public places. On the surface, these new, high technology enhancements may appear to be wonderful, futuristic additions to our daily lives, to which we will surely one day ask ourselves how we ever lived without them, but there is currently a heavy price to pay for these benefits. We therefore need to ask ourselves if these benefits are really worth risking of our health for.

One of the greatest challenges facing property owners today is the controversial installation of 4G towers in our neighborhoods. Today telecommunication companies are installing a disturbing number of these antennae and towers in residential areas to push 4G data speeds without any public consent. These unsightly antennae are often installed on lamp poles or disguised as trees to hide the fact that they have been installed and could significantly affect the value of property in close proximity to them.

With the roll-out of the soon coming 5G network, these antennae will soon be installed by the millions, in small clusters found on nearly every street corner. They will also most likely get much smaller so that they could even be mounted on your home, similarly as television satellite dishes are installed today.

Careful consideration should be made by landlords of tall buildings or churches where these antennae are often, commonly installed because the consequences could be disastrous! It should be noted that once installed, these towers or antennae would transmit radio frequency radiation and microwaves 24 hours, day and night. These microwaves will be able to penetrate into every room in your home, making you, your family and neighbors that live in close proximity to them vulnerable to various health concerns.

The radiation of these microwaves put everybody at risk, while very little to almost no consensus is being obtained, as to the locations used for installation. These health hazards range from a variety of symptoms, ranging from headaches, poor sleeping patterns, tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, vertigo, memory loss and other more severe, long-term symptoms, like cancer.

Proving that these symptoms are directly caused by these towers or antennae would be difficult, if not impossible because symptoms vary widely from individual to individual. It should also be noted that once installed on your premises, you will not be able to have them removed, nor will you have any say in what equipment they install around it, including other cellular companies that use it or any additional antenna, equipment or modifications they may add to it in the future.

While 5G certainly has some exciting promises for the future, with speeds that will finally allow true home automation, there are certainly some huge challenges and safety concerns that will need to be overcome. Given these circumstances or until such time that these challenges are overcome, both home owners and landlords should carefully consider the implications of exposing ours families, neighbors and tenants to these microwaves and radiation by installing or permitting the installation of 4G towers or 5G antenna near your home or premises.

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