Jun 12 2020



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Why is Micro Living So Appealing?
Micro Living in tiny spaces has become the latest trend in big cities.

A new trend that began some years ago called minimalist living is once again appealing to many city dwellers, where 'less is more' is fast becoming the new normal. Less furniture and less clutter in your home is a very tempting idea to a lot of people because it really opens up spaces within your home. This also has positive effects on the home dwellers, leading to less stress, less distractions and more freedom.

Today, this has become an international trend and it has even gone one- step further - Micro-Living! In just a few years, the idea of living in tiny spaces has gone from being totally crazy to the hottest trend in most urban cities around the world. Ask anyone who has lived in Manhattan on a limited budget and they'll tell you all about living in tiny spaces.

For some it is an unthinkable idea at being cooped up in a tiny 400 square foot apartment, or less. For others, it may be exactly what they need - after-all, if you're a young, single person on the move, why would you pay for living space that you don't really need? But what makes micro-living so appealing?

Micro-living is defined as a one-room, self-contained apartment, usually ranging from around 400 square feet, to as little as 200 square feet. But while most of the Generation X are busy paying off large home mortgages, more and more millennials are really just looking for enough space to eat, sleep and hang their hat.

Millennials will gladly sacrifice space for the opportunity of living in trendy suburbs in large cities. They want to live close to the city center, near big urban parks and close enough to the main transport routes. They spend a lot of their time away from home, in the outdoors and socializing, so living in a large home at this stage of their lives is not important to them. On the other hand, micro-living could also be appealing to an older, single person that is looking to down-size or is looking for a more affordable housing option.

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Another reason why micro-living is becoming so appealing is because it offers a simplified lifestyle. Less space means than there is almost no extra room for 'stuff' and clutter.

Moving from a house or a normal size apartment into a micro-apartment may be the biggest challenge in your life. You will need to give long thought on what you are going to take with you. You will need to consider every aspect of space in your new lifestyle. Your normal furniture will have to go - keeping only the very bare essentials of your belongings. Perhaps a couch, your favorite arm chair and your television - but not much more and obviously entertaining at home will be virtually out of the question.

Micro-living may be more appealing to the new millennial generation, or perhaps to the young, single college graduate, that is just starting out and living on a budget. For the older generation, this way of living might be almost impossible.

Having to make the sacrifice of giving up most of your possessions in return for a very small living area may not be an option at all - then again, the idea of simplicity, down-sizing and living small may all just be good enough reasons to take the plunge!

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