Feb 05 2016

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New Airport Development for Coega IDZ
The new Coega IDZ port, outside Nelson Mandela Bay, Eastern Cape

There have been some rumors lately of new airport geared for construction at the new Coega IDZ (Industrial Development Zone) in the Eastern Cape. Here’s what we know so far...

If you live in the Nelson Mandela Bay area of the Eastern Cape, it is more than likely you’ll hear news of the planned proposal for a new Cargo Airport development in the Coega IDZ Zone, situated on the northern city limits of Port Elizabeth.

The Coega IDZ (Industrial Development Zone) is just one of the latest developments that is currently taking place within the Eastern Cape, but of course the Eastern Cape is also home to a host of multinational company names, particularly in the automotive industry, such as Mercedez Benz (East London), Volkswagen and Good Year (Uitenhage) and Ford, General Motors and Firestone (Port Elizabeth).

Development of the new Cargo Airport is dependent on an environmental impact assessment study by the Coega Development Corporation (CDC). If it is successful, the construction would commence shortly. This would then be the second major boost for investors of the Eastern Cape within 2 years, following hot on the heels of the newly completed Baywest Regional Mall, in June last year.

One of the major benefits of this industrial airport would be to accompany the newly developed deep water port of Ngqura. This will offer an extended opportunity for global transportation services to support the growing demand of the manufacturing industry in the Eastern Cape. It will also serve and support the existing regional airports of Port Elizabeth and East London.

The airport is also geared and designated to serve and help establish a brand new industry in the region, namely "Aerospace Product Manufacturing", which would assist in the much needed job creation in the area by including the manufacturing of helicopters, propulsion units, aerospace engines and more.

It goes without saying that the addition of a new Cargo Airport would greatly benefit the ever growing population, development and industry that the Eastern Cape is already so well known for. This will indeed open up new doors, prospects and opportunities for the region, as the new airport’s cargo flights would serve both local and international destinations.

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1 Comment

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The second airport at PE will be right it will bring more job's for people living in PE

Posted By Anele - South Africa

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