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Sep 24 2021


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Pros And Cons of Property Co-Ownership
Co-Ownership of property has become an attractive way to enter the property market.

With property prices and interest rates continuing to climb, it isn't surprising that many first-time property buyers find difficulty entering the property market. This leaves many eager property investors looking for alternative ways to enter the property market, while many potential 'would be' first-time home owners ...

Jun 12 2020


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Why is Micro Living So Appealing?
Micro Living in tiny spaces has become the latest trend in big cities.

A new trend that began some years ago called minimalist living is once again appealing to many city dwellers, where 'less is more' is fast becoming the new normal. Less furniture and less clutter in your home is a very tempting idea to a lot of people because it really opens up spaces within your home....

Jul 07 2017


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A Buyer's Guide to Home Ownership
A Title Deed is the official document that proves you are the legal owner of a property or land.

Many first-time home buyers do not fully understand the process of finding their dream home. From the outset, it may appear that it will take forever! Even once you have found the perfect home, you still need to ensure that you qualify for a mortgage bond that will cover the total re-payments, interest and all the addi...