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Apr 26 2019


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How Will 5G Affect Residential Real Estate?
Shocking discovery of cellular tower camouflaged as a palm tree

5G is the next big step in the internet and mobile industry and is currently being tested by mobile and telecommunication companies across the world. Soon enough, your 4G LTE network will be upgraded to 5G. While all this may seem exciting, there are currently some major disadvantages, which could have...

Jul 15 2016


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Home Automation - A Glimpse into the Future
Home Automation controlled through a mobile application

When Jennifer McFly walks into her futuristic home in 'Back to the Future - Part 2', she is shocked at how technology has changed the way people live in the future. The sheer number of gadgets, sensors and robotics that exist in the houses of the future was overwhelming, to say the least. No longer did you need physica...