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Oct 21 2016


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Tips That Will Get Your Home Sold Faster!
Make your home more appealing to buyers with a great curb appeal!

When selling your home, first impressions can make the difference between a prospective buyer wanting to view the interior of your home, or just driving past without even stopping - all because the outside of your home appears untidy, unkempt and unappealing. Here are 5 tips, which you should deal with before putting...

Mar 11 2016


Tags: selling your home selling price property market property sales

Get the Correct Selling Price for Your Home
The neighborhood can greatly affect the selling price of your home.

Determining the correct selling price for your home can be a difficult task if doing it alone, without the help of an experienced estate agent. While doing hours of research of past property sales in your neighborhood could put you in the correct path in setting an accurate figure, you will still need to look at other ...