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Jan 26 2018


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Is the Tenant Responsible for Repairs?
Who is responsible for repairs to a rented home - tenant or landlord?

If you have been renting your home as a tenant for some time, you most probably have already had to deal with issues, such as repairs and maintenance to your home. The regular, ongoing maintenance of a property is natural and is to be expected, but very often confusion results betwe...

Aug 18 2017


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Landlords Know Your Rights
Landlords and tenants should both be aware of their rights and responsibilities

Many tenants of rented properties are not fully aware of their landlords legal rights. It is therefore not only critical for tenants to be acquainted with their own rights, but also with the landlords rights, so as to avoid disputes and especially in cases where no formal, written contract may exist. ...

Aug 11 2016


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6 Tips for Negotiating a Rental Agreement
Negotiate the best deal on your rental agreement with your landlord

When it comes to signing a rental agreement, it may come as a surprise that you have more negotiating power than you realize. Many people feel that a lease agreement is fairly cut and dried or they feel they do not have enough courage to negotiate a better deal. However, there may be c...

Apr 29 2016


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10 Questions Landlords Ask Tenants
A typical rental agreement between tenant and landlord when leasing a property.

Our previous article, discussed how landlords avoid bad tenants. In this article, we look at the screening process of potential tenants and what kind of questions to expect from prospective landlords. A Landlord's objective is always to find the best possible tenant for their investment. Some that come to mind are no...

Apr 08 2016


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Warning Signs of Bad Tenants
Recognize the warning signs of a bad tenant before you approve them.

As a landlord or property manager, it is always a good idea to be able to recognize a potentially bad client, before agreeing to lease property to them. Usually there are a number of standard questions that a landlord might ask a potential tenant, even before making an appointment to view the property. By doing this, a...