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Jun 12 2020


Tags: micro living minimalist living micro apartment small living down-sizing

Why is Micro Living So Appealing?
Micro Living in tiny spaces has become the latest trend in big cities.

A new trend that began some years ago called minimalist living is once again appealing to many city dwellers, where 'less is more' is fast becoming the new normal. Less furniture and less clutter in your home is a very tempting idea to a lot of people because it really opens up spaces within your home....

Jul 12 2019


Tags: sectional title body corporate trustees property maintenance

How To Avoid A Dysfunctional Body Corporate
Sectional Title Row Houses, forming part of the body corporate.

When the body corporate of a sectional title unit becomes dysfunctional, the entire property in general becomes neglected. This is usually caused by a lack of interest of the body corporate members, or simply because nobody wishes to assume the responsibilities of being a trustee. The result is that the buildings an...

Apr 26 2019


Tags: internet of things home automation smart homes 4g towers 5g networks

How Will 5G Affect Residential Real Estate?
Shocking discovery of cellular tower camouflaged as a palm tree

5G is the next big step in the internet and mobile industry and is currently being tested by mobile and telecommunication companies across the world. Soon enough, your 4G LTE network will be upgraded to 5G. While all this may seem exciting, there are currently some major disadvantages, which could have...

Jan 26 2018


Tags: repairs maintenance tenant landlord lease agreement

Is the Tenant Responsible for Repairs?
Who is responsible for repairs to a rented home - tenant or landlord?

If you have been renting your home as a tenant for some time, you most probably have already had to deal with issues, such as repairs and maintenance to your home. The regular, ongoing maintenance of a property is natural and is to be expected, but very often confusion results betwe...

Aug 18 2017


Tags: landlords tenants rental agreement renting lease agreement

Landlords Know Your Rights
Landlords and tenants should both be aware of their rights and responsibilities

Many tenants of rented properties are not fully aware of their landlords legal rights. It is therefore not only critical for tenants to be acquainted with their own rights, but also with the landlords rights, so as to avoid disputes and especially in cases where no formal, written contract may exist. ...

Jul 07 2017


Tags: home mortgage mortgage bond home loan buying a home buying house

A Buyer's Guide to Home Ownership
A Title Deed is the official document that proves you are the legal owner of a property or land.

Many first-time home buyers do not fully understand the process of finding their dream home. From the outset, it may appear that it will take forever! Even once you have found the perfect home, you still need to ensure that you qualify for a mortgage bond that will cover the total re-payments, interest and all the addi...

May 19 2017


Tags: renting rental agreement lease agreement landlords tenants renting property

What You Should Know Before Signing a Lease Agreement
Finding your perfect dream apartment may first involve a few quick checks.

House hunting can be a rather stressful time. Finding your dream home or the perfect apartment may not happen overnight, so when one does become available that checks off most of your dream home requirements, it is important that you know exactly what you are signing up for before you commit yourself. Whether

Mar 24 2017


Tags: port elizabeth east london coega addo

Eastern Cape to Give Boost to SA Economy
Nelson Mandela Bay - Home to the water sports capital of South Africa

With the addition of the newly constructed Port of Ngqura, located in the Coega region outside Port Elizabeth, the Eastern Cape looks ready to accept the challenge of becoming the center of South Africa's maritime economy. The Port of Ngqura is the third deep water harbor development in the Eastern C...

Jan 20 2017


Tags: house flipping home repairs home maintenance real estate investments

What Makes a Good Real Estate Investment
How To Spot A Good Real Estate Investment

If you've ever considered the option of flipping houses in order to make a quick profit, you need to consider all the facts before you make your decision. Sure, you can make a very handsome profit if you know what you're doing, have studied the local market and go about it the right way - but house flipping can be an e...

Dec 16 2016


Tags: home security secure home home automation home protection

Keep Your Home Safe on Vacation Checklist
Before you relax and start your vacation - make sure you have completed our 11 point check.

It's that time of the year again when families start preparing to leave for their much anticipated annual vacation. It's also easy to get caught up in the excitement of the holidays and Christmas season that you may find yourself overlooking a few essential security checks to safeguard your abode and b...

Nov 18 2016


Tags: home maintenance home repairs laminated floors

Replace Laminated Floor Boards in 5 Easy Steps
How To Replace Laminated Floor Boards, Step By Step!

One of the latest trends in today's modern home is to replace carpets with laminated flooring. It's extremely trendy, fashionable and very stylish, but best of all, its super easy to clean! However, as with floor tiles, there is a certain amount of care and maintenance required in preserving the life...

Oct 21 2016


Tags: selling your home home value curb appeal

Tips That Will Get Your Home Sold Faster!
Make your home more appealing to buyers with a great curb appeal!

When selling your home, first impressions can make the difference between a prospective buyer wanting to view the interior of your home, or just driving past without even stopping - all because the outside of your home appears untidy, unkempt and unappealing. Here are 5 tips, which you should deal with before putting...

Aug 11 2016


Tags: rental agreement lease agreement pet policy landlord tenant

6 Tips for Negotiating a Rental Agreement
Negotiate the best deal on your rental agreement with your landlord

When it comes to signing a rental agreement, it may come as a surprise that you have more negotiating power than you realize. Many people feel that a lease agreement is fairly cut and dried or they feel they do not have enough courage to negotiate a better deal. However, there may be c...

Jul 15 2016


Tags: home automation future homes smart homes internet of things

Home Automation - A Glimpse into the Future
Home Automation controlled through a mobile application

When Jennifer McFly walks into her futuristic home in 'Back to the Future - Part 2', she is shocked at how technology has changed the way people live in the future. The sheer number of gadgets, sensors and robotics that exist in the houses of the future was overwhelming, to say the least. No longer did you need physica...

Apr 29 2016


Tags: landlords tenants screening tenants renting rental agreement

10 Questions Landlords Ask Tenants
A typical rental agreement between tenant and landlord when leasing a property.

Our previous article, discussed how landlords avoid bad tenants. In this article, we look at the screening process of potential tenants and what kind of questions to expect from prospective landlords. A Landlord's objective is always to find the best possible tenant for their investment. Some that come to mind are no...

Apr 08 2016


Tags: bad tenants landlords renting property lease agreement property manager

Warning Signs of Bad Tenants
Recognize the warning signs of a bad tenant before you approve them.

As a landlord or property manager, it is always a good idea to be able to recognize a potentially bad client, before agreeing to lease property to them. Usually there are a number of standard questions that a landlord might ask a potential tenant, even before making an appointment to view the property. By doing this, a...

Mar 11 2016


Tags: selling your home selling price property market property sales

Get the Correct Selling Price for Your Home
The neighborhood can greatly affect the selling price of your home.

Determining the correct selling price for your home can be a difficult task if doing it alone, without the help of an experienced estate agent. While doing hours of research of past property sales in your neighborhood could put you in the correct path in setting an accurate figure, you will still need to look at other ...

Feb 26 2016


Tags: east london port elizabeth grahamstown port alfred sunshine coast wild coast

Eastern Cape is new Home Buyers Choice!
Port Alfred is a popular holiday destination in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Until recently, the Eastern Cape has never really been considered a popular destination of choice with most local holiday makers and tourists opting for beautiful Cape Town or Durban's warm inviting climate instead. That concept is all changing now and property in the once sleepy, seaside towns of the Eastern Cape is s...

Feb 12 2016


Tags: modderfontein johannesburg developments shanghai zendai property

Future Capital of Africa in Development
An artist's impression of the future hub of Africa.

Chinese billionaire property investors, Shanghai Zendai Property have recently obtained about 1,600 hectares of land from the South African AECI Company and have already begun the initial phase of the R87 billion ($6.4 billion) project, which is set to become the future capital hub of Africa! The va...

Feb 05 2016


Tags: coega coega idz coega airport port elizabeth developments

New Airport Development for Coega IDZ
The new Coega IDZ port, outside Nelson Mandela Bay, Eastern Cape

There have been some rumors lately of new airport geared for construction at the new Coega IDZ (Industrial Development Zone) in the Eastern Cape. Here’s what we know so far... If you live in the Nelson Mandela Bay area of the Eastern Cape, it is more than likely you’ll hear news of the planned pro...

Jan 22 2016


Tags: renting fees renting south africa rental agreement

Guide to Renting in South Africa
Fees involved when signing a Rental Agreement.

It sometimes makes perfect sense to rent a property before making a purchase, especially for first time buyers. Buying a house can be a long and stressful process, particularly for first time buyers, or for people moving to a city for the first time. Renting also has the advantage gives you the freedom to scout around ...

Jan 14 2016


Tags: coastal property vacant land golf estates

Vacant Land Rockets Coastal Property Sales
Property on Golf Estates are becoming a hot commodity!

2015 has seen the sale of vacant land rocket in prime coastal areas from Mossel Bay to the Wild Coast. The motives for buyers acquiring land spans for various reasons, such as long-term investments, building retirement homes, getaway "holiday" homes and primary residential homes. Buyers have been seeking land in disti...

Jun 12 2015


Tags: sunset strip hollywood beverly hills rodeo drive cbs television city united states

Cruising The Sunset Strip In Hollywood!
Cruising down the palm tree lined avenues of the Sunset Strip in Hollywood

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Jan 12 2015


Tags: central park upper west side gapstow bridge new york city united states

Central Park's Highway To The Upper West Side
Curving gracefully over the neck of the Pond at 59th Street, Gapstow is one of the iconic bridges of Central Park.

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